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What is Hootsuite?

Hootsuite is an intuitive platform which delivers smarter, faster business impact from social media. Empower your teams to better connect with audiences, streamline publishing workflows, collaborate in real-time. Also power strategic business decisions with the social insights which matter most at scale.

How does Hootsuite work?

Hootsuite is a social media management tool which helps users manage multiple social media accounts from one stage. Given below how it work :

Account Integration: Users connect their many kinds social media accounts like thats Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc to It.

Social Media Publishing: This tool allows users to schedule and publish posts across multiple social media platforms from a single dashboard.

Monitoring: The platform which provides tools for monitoring social media activity, including mentions, messages, and comments across various platforms.

 Analytics: The platform offers analytics and reporting tools to track the performance of social media efforts. Users can measure key metrics such as engagement, reach, and follower growth to understand what’s working well and identify areas for improvement.

Listening and Insights: It provides listening tools to monitor conversations and trends relevant to the brand or industry.Which helps businesses gain insights into audience sentiment, industry trends and competitive analysis.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM): The platform includes CRM features to manage and track interactions with the customers on social media. Which helps businesses provide personalized responses and maintain a record of customer interactions for a better relationship management.



How many features  have is Hootsuite?

1.Social Analytics: Hootsuite does social analytics seriously.

2. Social Publishing: It helps to get your posts published.

3. Campaign Optimization : It’s do Campaign Optimization.

4. Social Engagement : This is  One of the tasks is Social Engagement.

5. Report Customizability :It does report customizability.

6. Competitor Analysis :  It’s also do Competitor Analysis.

7. Post Performance : It’s make do Post Performance.

8. Content Calendar: It’s maintain Content Calendar.

9. Social Measurement : It’s also do Social Measurement.

10. Social Reporting: This tool also give you Social Reporting.

Benefits of Using Hootsuite?

Scheduling Posts: Hootsuite allows you to schedule posts across various social media platforms in advance.

Monitoring and Engaged : It simplifies the process of monitoring and engaging with audiences.

Publishing Tools: The users can schedule and publish posts across various social media channels from within the Hootsuite platform.

Analytics and Reporting: It offers robust analytics tools to track the performance of social media campaigns, monitor audience engagement

Social Listening: It does social listening capabilities, users can monitor conversations about their brand, industry and relevant topics across social media platforms.

Team Collaboration: This platform excels in facilitating team collaboration with features like approval workflows, comment threads for feedback and user roles with specific permissions.

Customer Relationship Management : The platform includes CRM features that enable users to manage relationships with their social media followers effectively.

Compliance and Security: Hootsuite prioritizes data security and compliance with industry regulations.


Have any risk to use Hootsuite?

Yes, there are some problems. Given below:

  • High Pricing: This  is a high pricing social media management tool.
  • Social Media Limitation: It has limitation of social Media.
  • Scheduling Issues: This is a big problem of Hootsuite’s.
  • Limited Features: Hootsuite has limited features.
  • Free plan: No longer offers a free plan.
  • Requires credit card : Free trial requires a credit card.

Pricing Plan of Hootsuite:

  • Free Trial: Hootsuite given free trial.
  • Hootsuite’s has 3 paid plan: There are:
  • Plan 1: $99 per per month. Includes:
  • Up to 10 social profiles included
  • 1 user included
  • Unlimited Message Scheduling
  • Real-time analytics
  • Monitor incoming messages
  • Schedule posts in advance with “best time to post” recommendations
  • Plan 2:Team. $249 per per month. Includes:
  • Up to 20 social profiles included
  • Up to 3 users included
  • Customizable analytics reports
  • Team assignments
  • Role access & permissions
  • Plan 3:Business. $739 per per month. Includes:
  • 35 social profiles included
  • 5 users, unlimited add-ons
  • Message approvals
  • Campaign planning, tagging, and reporting
  • Premium App Integrations
  • 4 social media certifications
  • 24/7 priority support

How is the support system of Hootsuite?

  • Help Center: Hootsuite maintains a comprehensive online Help Center.
  • Live Chat: Users can often access live chat support when they face any problem.
  • Email Support: Users can submit support inquiries via email.
  • Community Forums: Hootsuite may have community forums .
  • Phone Support: Hootsuite given Phone Support
  • Social Media Support: Hootsuite’s maintain on social media management, users may also be able to seek support through Hootsuite’s official social media channels such as Twitter or Facebook.

Hootsuite’s Alternatives Zoho Social and between Compare:


CompareHootsuiteZoho Social
Starting price$99 per month$10 per month (billed annually)
Free trialForever15 days
Social networksFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, YouTube, WhatsApp and PinterestFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, Google and Pinterest
Unified social inboxYesNo
Content calendarYesYes
Publish contentYesYes
Assign tasksYesYes
Analytics and reportsYesYes
Social listeningNoNo
Customer support channelsHelp Center, Email Support, Live Chat, Community Forums, Webinars and Workshops, Phone Support.  24/7 via phone or email


User satisfactions of  Hootsuite?

The best part of the software is that is quite fluent and easy to navigate and understand. Also, they have responsive customer support which gives a great user experience. Mostly I use this platform daily to manage all my social media accounts and also schedule multiple posts at different timings for better results.


 Why Hootsuite is better from other?

Hootsuite stands out from other social media management tools for several reasons:

  • User-Friendly Interface: Hootsuite offers a simple and intuitive interface that makes scheduling and managing social media content easy for users of all skill levels.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Hootsuite supports multiple social media platforms, like that Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest, allowing users to manage all their accounts from one dashboard.
  • Team Collaboration: Hootsuite offers features for team collaboration, allowing multiple users to manage social media accounts and collaborate on content creation and scheduling.
  • Low pricing: Hootsuite paid plan start from low pricing.
  • Automated Publishing: Hootsuite does Automated Publishing.
  • This reasons Hootsuite is better from others.

Our Opinion about Hootsuite:

I love that Hootsuite makes it easy to manage and connect so many social accounts. I can see my content calendar all in one place and schedule new posts easily. Hootsuite’s stream feature allows me to easily follow topics of interest and industry leaders. I currently have a stream for each of our social networks and find it extremely helpful to use! However, what I enjoy the most about Hootsuite is that it allows me to plan my month’s content by allowing me to visualise .  So, we can say that Hootsuite is the best from others.

Conclusion: At last we can say that, Hootsuite is a best for you. Because which all service is better then other alternative Social Media Management tools. Really It’s a great Social Media Management tools for your or your business. If you want to see alternative, just click here.


Hootsuite offers a limited free plan with basic features. However, users can upgrade to paid plans for access to more advanced features and functionalities.

Hootsuite supports a wide range of social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more.

Hootsuite provides users with real-time monitoring of their social media channels, allowing them to stay updated on mentions, comments, and messages across platforms.



Buffer offers a comprehensive support system, including live chat, email support, and a knowledge base with helpful resources and tutorials.


Yes, Hootsuite offers a robust analytics dashboard that provides users with insights into their social media performance, including metrics such as engagement, reach, clicks, and more.


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