Copper:Manage more sales leads & grow customer relationships.


What is Copper? Copper is a customer relationship management (CRM) software designed to help businesses build and nurture customer relationships. It integrates with various social media platforms, email accounts and other business applications to provide a comprehensive view of customer interactions. Copper ‘s features include contact management, sales pipeline tracking, email marketing and social media […]

Klaviyo: This is a comprehensive marketing automation platform


What is Klaviyo? Klaviyo is a marketing automation platform primarily designed for e-commerce businesses. It helps companies build and execute targeted marketing campaigns through email, SMS, and other channels. By leveraging customer data, It enables businesses to deliver personalized and effective marketing communications, ultimately driving sales and improving customer loyalty. How does Klaviyo work? Email […]

Constant Contact: Provides a range of digital marketing tools.

Constant Contact

What is Constant Contact? Constant Contact is a comprehensive online marketing platform designed to help small businesses and non-profits engage with their customers and grow their audiences. The simplicitiy of use. Really it is a great tool. How does Constant Contact work? Account Creation: Users sign up for an account on Constant Contact’s website. Business […]

Sproutsocial: Your most essential networks and tools for you.


What is Sproutsocial? Sprout Social is an intuitive platform which delivers smarter, faster business impact from social media. Empower your teams to better connect with audiences, streamline publishing workflows, collaborate in real-time. Also power strategic business decisions with the social insights which matter most at scale. How does It work? Sprout Social is a social […]

TweetDeck: This tool for real-time tracking and engagement

What is TweetDeck? TweetDeck is a highly regarded tool which has been lauded by users for its diverse range of use cases. Users have found it remarkably useful for managing multiple Twitter accounts, allowing them to access different accounts with ease and ensuring that the correct content is sent out via the correct account. This […]